Pay Remote Teams with Global Payroll

Unlocking Global
Payroll Excellence

Provide every employee with a superior HR and payroll experience, with precision and punctuality.
Global Payroll Benefits

Execute Worldwide Payroll
from Any Location

Manage cross-border payroll and global contractor payments from one unified platform. Pay everyone in their local currency in one bulk payment. Panda Work Global organizes your employees and compiles your payroll into one simple approval process.

How PWG pays your employees and contractors

Your team’s hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions are automatically calculated into payroll. Panda Work Global will invoice you around the 15th of each month in either US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), to make sure your employees are paid on time in their local currencies.

You can summarize your invoices to aggregate them into one payment, rather than paying each employee individually. Your employees will be paid in their country’s local currency.

Manage a global team in one place

Whether you are working with international contractors, full-time remote employees, or both, you can manage your entire global team from one dashboard — no matter where they are located or which currency they are paid in.

Panda Work Global makes it easy for you to keep track of your payroll spends in one currency, while still paying out your employees in multiple currencies.

Dependable support all day
Global Payroll Experts with Local Knowledge
Seamless Global Compliance Solutions
Manage Multi-Country Payroll With Ease

Manage Multi-Country

With Ease

Timely and Effortless Payroll
Enjoy peace of mind as your employees receive timely and consistent payments, no matter where they are located.
Compliance Guided by Experts
Count on our team of in-country specialists to manage payroll and tax compliance tailored to each specific location.
Transparent Understanding
Assess temporary components, such as reimbursements, bonuses, and singular payments.
Efficient Worldwide Transactions
Efficiently manage and execute payroll across multiple countries, matching the locations of your workforce.

What makes the PWG global payroll solution
the ideal choice?

The PWG Payroll Solution is the ideal choice for Pakistan's payroll needs due to its comprehensive compliance with local tax and labor regulations, seamless integration with local banking systems, and user-friendly interface that simplifies payroll processing for businesses of all sizes. With PWG, you can efficiently manage your payroll in Pakistan, ensuring accuracy and compliance while saving valuable time and resources.
On time payment
Local payroll support
Proven results
Bridging the Gap

Ensure Compliance
for Worldwide Teams

Efficient Process

Through our efficient payment system, we eliminate typical international payment errors, ensuring punctual and accurate compensation for your talent.

Comprehensive Pricing

Our straightforward, all-encompassing rates already consider locally required taxes and contributions, simplifying your path to compliance while you prepare for the future.

Mandatory Benefit Registration

Our professionals ensure your workforce is enrolled in the necessary compulsory social benefits based on their work and residence locations, covering everything from pensions to social security.

Tailored Payment Options

With our adaptable system, you can select the payment method that aligns with your business and employee preferences.

Time and Expense Control

Our unified platform enables you to consolidate time and expense data for your global workforce.

Full Time Assistance

Our payroll specialists assist you in navigating the intricacies of global regulations, and local support is readily available whenever and wherever you require it.


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