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PWG Capabilities Overview

PWG Capabilities Overview

Contingent workforce management can be intricate, but our solutions simplify contractor management

PWG Work Visa Guideline

The onboarding form includes all the necessary information needed for applying for an expat work visa.

PWG EOR Proposal

As the Employer of Record (EOR), PWG fully owns and operates in Pakistan.


A unique model for more efficient, compliant overseas employee management

PWG Deliverables

Experience the best Employer of Record services tailored to your global workforce needs.

PWG Company Profile

PWG provide a comprehensive range of advisory services based on our clients’ specific needs

PWG Countrypedia Pakistan

Find everything you need to confidently hire in Pakistan – labor law, tax law, compliance, payroll

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Karachi, Pakistan
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Panda Work GlobalHeadquarters
Karachi, Pakistan
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